starcertified150Garden Grove Star Certified Test Only Smog Check
Garden Grove Smog Check

We smog check ALL vehicles for smog certificate. Diesels, Hybrid, Propane, Natural Gas, Motorhomes, Trucks.

All smog checks are NOT equal.  Compare our procedures with others.

NO bait and switch.  Our price is the FINAL price!!!!


Extra Services

Auto Research Other Smog Stations
  • Electronic Transmission
NO extra charge EXTRA Charge of $3 to $5
  • OBD II, 1996 & Newer Vehicles
NO extra charge EXTRA Charge of $5 to $10
  • Retest
FREE Only free if they do repairs
  • No DMV Papers

Regular Smog Tests,
Test Only Smog Checks

Smog Checks for
Gross Polluters

Smog Checks for Trucks

Smog Checks for Motorhomes and RV’s